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Stolen Teddy Bear With Dying Mother’s Last Message Returned To Owner




  • Mara Soriano, 28, had her bag and teddy bear stolen amid a hectic move in Vancouver.
  • After several Twitter posts involving celebrities who supported her search for MamaBear by offering rewards, the teddy bear found its way back to Mara with the help of two ‘kind Samaritans’.
  • The reward rose to $15,000 before Mara requested that donations be routed to Sunnybrook hospice instead.

A teddy bear stolen along with a bag of valuables has found its way home in to its own Mara Soriano in Vancouver after some high-end tweeting and a $15,000 reward was posted.

To most people, it may seem trivial to lose a toy, but 28-year-old Mara’s MamaBear is special as it holds the last gift from her mother Marilyn who passed away from cancer.


“It was so important to me because she had a recording on it that was specifically just for me that said she loved me, she was proud of me, and she’ll always be with me,” Mara said. “I hugged it every time I missed her.”

Mara-owner-of the-stolen-bear-with-mother-marilyn
She launched a full search for the bear with her mother’s loving message, starting with a flyer and a Twitter post.

Her search for the stolen bag which held important documents, and the iPad and Nintendo Switch, was posted on Twitter, but her desperate search for the bear was another story.

The story behind the bear’s importance was not lost to the citizens of B.C.
The story also reached Deborah Goble, a TV and radio reporter for CBC, who posted about it on Twitter.

In response to Goble’s post, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds offered a $5,000 reward along with “so much Aviation Gin it’ll be affected by the tide.”

Reynolds offered a reward for help in finding Mara’s bear was posted on Twitter.
Along with Reynolds, American actor and director Zach Braff also showed support to Mara’s plight.
Canadian actor Dan Levy also called for help on Mara’s behalf.

Other netizens offered an additional reward bringing it to a total of $15,000 for anyone who could help MamaBear return home to Mara.

Mara’s plight also reached Build-a-Bear and Herschel who both offered a replacement for her lost belongings.
Mara Soriano and her fiance found the bear with the help of “two kind Samaritans.”
Kevin Vance, Canadian-born, American-raised actor and U.S. Military Veteran offered to make a donation in honor of Mara’s mother.

Mara showed her gratitude for the overwhelming response to her search for the lost bear, but requested that the offer for rewards be rerouted as donations to Sunnybrook hospice instead.

American director Rawson Thurber made an offer for $5,000 to be sent to Sunnybrook.
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