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Watch this Skillful Dog Climb Down a Ladder Like an Ordinary Human Being

The dog is brave and skillful enough to get down from the roof safely using a ladder.

Certified dog lovers love treating their furry friends like human beings. They dress them up and talk to them as if they’re talking to an ordinary person. Generally, they love treating these adorable pets like babies.

It is equally astonishing to watch these loyal creatures act and react the way we would too. Hence, whenever there are videos of these adorable dogs displaying the most amazing and human-like skills, they usually become an online sensation.

Have you ever seen a dog climb down a ladder like an ordinary individual?

In the video, a dog that was on the roof of a house bravely climbed down a ladder like it was just a walk in the park. It was almost terrifying to watch because dogs are not as fluid or lithe as cats. Can you imagine if anything went wrong? I wouldn’t expect the dog to jump from all the way up there and land gracefully like a cat.

However frightful, it is unbelievably satisfying to see the pooch reach the ground safely.

Watch this and tell us what you think.

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H/T: Babo Bhai


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