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Cute Golden Retriever Pup Bathes and Towels All By Himself





We usually have pets so we can take care of them. They’re adorable, cuddly and just so cute!

However, sometimes, taking care of them takes a lot of our time that they can already be annoying, especially bathing them!

Now, what if you had a pet that doesn’t need too much care? What if you could have a pet that you could just cuddle and hug without having to worry about taking care of them or bathing them? That would be the ideal pet, right?

Well, there is a pet like that!

Meet Brady, the ever adorable golden retriever pup!


You see, he isn’t just cute and cuddly. He’s also smart, and can even bathe and towel by himself!

Even when he was just too small, he can already take a bath and towel by himself.

Cuddling in a towel is actually his favorite part!


Watch Brady bathe and towel by himself in this video:

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Wasn’t that neat? Who wouldn’t want a cute and smart pup like Brady? I know I would.


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