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Six Cool and Easy-to-Do Camping Tricks That Will Help You Rule the Outdoors





Those who love the great outdoors can probably tell you hundreds of reasons why they love camping and why it is a wonderful experience. It’s fun, it’s an adventure, and it feels great to be surrounded by the beauty and magnificence of nature.

If this is the first time that you’ll go camping with your friends, you might find it more challenging. For some, packing all their necessities in a single backpack, sleeping in a tent, and not having a proper toilet when they need to “go” may not exactly be their idea of “fun.”

But, if you’re up to the challenge, Handy Life Hacks offer some pretty cool and amazing tips that could make your first camping trip easier and enjoyable.

They’ll show you how to waterproof your backpack, which is vitally important if you’re crossing shallow rivers or if it rains, unfortunately. They’ll teach you how to create a grill out of a tin can (Yes, you don’t have to carry a stove or a burner during the trek.) Handy Life Hacks will also demonstrate how you can generate fire from tortilla chips, make coffee bags for instant coffee, dry clothes using binder clips, and repel mosquitoes with sage leaves.

Watch the video and sound off in the comments below.

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