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Simple Yet Brilliant DIY Hacks To Help Secure Your Home Against Burglars





Home security is very valuable today especially now that there is a growing number of break-in cases around the world.

There are about 8000 cases of burglary in North America every day. Even if one thinks that his home is safe and secured, these burglars would take chances to get inside a house and steal something.

One way to make them consider not to enter your place is to design your house as a hard target.

In the video below, some tips were given to help you have a more secured house. First thing to keep in mind is when people break-in your house, they will target places which would probably hold important and expensive things.

In order to protect your belongings, you can use a boring bookshelf as a hiding place by making a fake binder which can conceal your priced items. Another tip is when you buy something expensive; avoid throwing the box as it is because by doing this; it will allow strangers to have an idea what is inside your house. Best thing to do is to fold boxes inside out so that unprinted sides are only exposed.

Learn these easy steps to protect your home from thieves and unathorized entry.

Learn these easy steps to protect your home from thieves and unathorized entry.

Another common target of burglars are medicine cabinets. One way to protect it is to put a homemade alarm from an audio greeting card. You may buy an audio greeting card and apply the mechanism in your medicine cabinet.

Most of the time, people leave lights on in order to make strangers outside see from afar if there is someone inside the house. To enhance this, make a cardboard cutout of human figure placed on windows to project a human shadow.

With a pet dog, one can make sure that if a stranger comes in uninvited, the dog will bark and alarm the home owner, or you can just buy a “Beware of Dog” sign and hang it on the door or window.

It is wise not to leave anything that would help burglars to get inside your house. You may put a window stopper to prevent them from getting in through your window. Motion lights may also be placed on doors to startle unwanted people. Lastly, in the video modern home security equipment may be used to protect and monitor you home remotely. This can be connected through your mobile phone, so when an unauthorized entry happens, you will receive a warning alert on your phone.

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Surely, our home’s safety is our protection as well. There are many different options that can be done to build up home security. You may spend money or do something economical just to improve your house’s defense. What is important is you must do it now to have a peace of mind day and night. Always remember that following security hacks will keep you safe from robbery, break in and crimes.

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