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Sikh Temple Welcomes Muslim Man When He Couldn’t Find A Mosque To Pray In





A Sikh temple in Malaysia has been commended for setting a good example after opening its doors to a Muslim man. Allegedly, the man was looking for a mosque and when he didn’t find one, he went inside Gurdwara Sahib Bercham Ipoh to pray while Sikhs were singing their hymns.

The Muslim man praying inside the temple was caught on video, which was then uploaded to social media. This went viral this week for all the right reasons.

There’s a history of animosity between two religions.

Apparently, animosity didn’t exist in the video.

No one objected to the Muslim man being in a different place of worship.

The Sikhs were praised for their tolerance to a different religion and for being gracious enough to welcome the Muslim man when he can’t find his own place of worship.

The touching moment came to light when a group called Sikh Inside shared the footage to the public.

The group wrote:

“A Muslim brother spotted doing Namaz [prayer] in Gurdwara Sahib Bercham Ipoh. Probably he couldn’t find a mosque and drop by Gurdwara to complete his Namaz.”

A place of prayer should be open to all who have the intention to pray.

Truly, this is such a beautiful sight.

Those who have seen the video felt uplifted, seeing how a positive message is being spread. People on social media started to share their own uplifting stories about good karma.

One commenter wrote:

“”I remember that during a hiking tour in Manali in 2002, we stayed in a Gurudwara and used to offer our prayers there and no-one objected to us. That is the beauty of respect, tolerance and love.”

The video clearly shows people may have different beliefs, but if they set them aside to focus more on respect and being kind, the world will be a better place. The heartwarming clip should remind us to choose kindness always.

Watch it below.

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