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Archaeologist Believes He May Have Discovered Jesus’ Childhood Home




  • An archaeologist claims he may have discovered Jesus Christ childhood house.
  • The site, according to him, was first declared as such way back in the 19th century but archaeologists in the 1930s denied it.
  • After years of studying the area, Professor Ken Dark believes it may likely be Jesus’ home.

If this archaeologist is correct, we can be looking at one of the most significant discoveries in the history of Christianity. According to Professor Ken Dark of the University of Reading, there is “a strong case to be made” that an excavated ancient home in Nazareth, Israel could have been the childhood home of Jesus Christ.

Dark, who has spent 14 years studying the ruins, said the site was initially suggested as the house of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph back in the 19th century. Archaeologists have already dismissed this back in the 1930s but since 2006, the place has since been reinvestigated by Prof. Dark.

In a BBC report, we read Dark saying:

“I didn’t go to Nazareth to find the house of Jesus, I was actually doing a study of the city’s history as a Byzantine Christian pilgrimage centre.

“Nobody could have been more surprised than me.”

The said house was discovered under a “Byzantine-era church, which in turn lies beneath a Sisters of Nazareth Convent,” reported BBC.

While we still do not have tentative evidence that this house was exactly where Jesus lived as a child, dark believes that this is “about as close as we will probably ever get to be able to say it was.”

Dark further shared:

“We know from written evidence this church was believed in the Byzantine period to have been built on the site of Jesus’ home and the dwelling preserved in its crypt.

“It’s almost certainly the Church of the Nutrition, which was dedicated to the upbringing of Christ, and mentioned in a 7th Century pilgrim’s account.”

Watch this video for more information:

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