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Siblings Find Out That They Are Going To Be Big Brothers/Sisters. Their Reactions Are Priceless!





Knowing that a new baby is coming your way creates an indescribable feeling for the entire family. Although the feeling is not new, it still is exciting and joyful to know that you are slowly establishing a growing and bigger family. The reactions of parents are somehow predictable upon hearing the news — there’s usually a lot of crying, some jaws dropping, and of course, nonstop smiling. But how do you think the siblings would react?

In this video we found, Pixable Videos compiled clips wherein parents revealed to their children that they are soon going to be big sisters/ brothers. Their reactions, we must say, are priceless. Majority of the videos turned out to be heartfelt moments that are quite unexpected for kids so young. It looks as if they truly understood the joy of expecting a new life in the family.

The video is good mix of touching and overall inspiring. Also, that final clip is epic!

Watch the video here:

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Baby news is always good news. We are truly moved that these kids, though they may not be fully aware about the entire situation, somehow understand that a new life is something that calls for a celebration.

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