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Husband Does Pregnancy Announcement for a Change And His Wife’s Reaction is Priceless!





A baby is always a blessing and revealing one’s pregnancy is often a very memorable moment for a couple. Usually, it is the wife who reveals the blessing to a clueless husband. The pressure of a pregnancy reveal and how to make it momentous is always on the wife.

However, the tables were turned when a husband decided to do the pregnancy reveal this time around. Sam, who is already a dad of two, has been suspecting that Nia, his wife, is pregnant again. Besides, she’s been delayed for two weeks already.

So, one morning after arriving home from work, he decided to take a few drops from his wife’s urine and do the pregnancy test himself.

The result? Well, it was positive!


Photo credit: Youtube / Sam and Nia

Literally taken aback, Sam tried very hard to compose himself before he walked to the kitchen where Nia and their kids where.

As a surprise, Sam asked Nia to take something from his pocket and the rest, as the say, is history. Everything’s been captured on the video and it’s just touching and hilarious at the same time!

Watch how it all happened here:

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And yes, it’s confirmed! Nia took a second pregnancy test which, of course, also resulted positive!

So, do you think Sam’s pregnancy reveal was a bright idea? Leave a comment below.

If the couple seems familiar to you, they were actually the good-looking couple who nailed that awesome “Love is an Open Door” cover. Cool, right? Guess there’s so much more to watch out for from this couple. Congrats Sam and Nia!

H/T: Today

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