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Mom Explains Why She Won’t Vaccinate Her Kids After Her Own ‘Extensive Research’

The wife of Aussie rugby league star Bryce Cartwright says after doing some research, not vaccinating is the best way forward.


Many medical professionals have been stressing the importance of vaccinations for a long time. However, one mother insists that she has done all of the research about vaccines and has decided she will never vaccinate her own children. The pregnant mom also revealed that she will not be using diapers on her unborn baby.

Shanelle Cartwright confirmed her plans for her children on social media. The wife of Australian rugby player Bryce Cartwright stated that vaccines can actually harm people’s immune systems. Shanelle admitted that she and her husband have been previously vaccinated but still suffer from “allergies and auto-immune disorders”. Because of this, she has opted not to be immunized further and will never vaccinate her children.

The Cartwrights are choosing not to vaccinate their kids after extensive research.

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The young mom shared that Bryce was initially upset when she told him about her plans to not vaccinate their kids. However, Shanelle made sure that the rugby player also did his research about vaccinations.

“I remember he was so defensive when I first brought it up and got angry at me for even suggesting that we shouldn’t vaccinate,” she wrote. “And then he read a package insert and few pages of one of Dr. Suzanne Humphries books and saw vaccines under a different light. And now we’re here.”

Shanelle, who is vaccinated herself, insists that it affected her immune system and caused her to go through the “slooooow process of healing.”

The family also plans to potty train the unborn baby without using diapers.

Vaccines are not the only things that Shanelle is against. She also confirmed that she will not use diapers on her unborn child.

“For this baby, we are going to try no nappies and do elimination communication, especially if we have a girl,” she wrote. “All mammals will instinctively NOT soil their nest and will eliminate where mum tells them to. You don’t s–t your pants because you know it’s uncomfortable and yucky.”

What do you think of Shanelle’s decision not to vaccinate her children? Do you agree with her decision? Let us know in the comments below.


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