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Anti-Vaxx Parents Go Wild After New York Bans Unvaccinated Children From Going To School

It’s a matter of choice: to school or not to school for anti-vaxx families of New York.

  • The State of New York has developed a serious measles outbreak in 30 years.
  • Local government issued a mandatory vaccination for school-aged children and bans unvaccinated kids from getting in schools.
  • Anti-vaxx parents weren’t pleased and staged several protests to try and stop the New York ban.

It’s the flu season yet again and viral sickness is abundant here and there. New York, although rich and developed, is not exempted from such outbreaks.

In fact, the city has experienced a serious measles outbreak just recently, which is actually shocking since it was announced last year that New York is officially free from the disease.

However, just last month, city officials announced that the city of New York was experiencing the largest measles outbreak in 30 years. And, of course, the most initial and expected reaction from the whole population was to panic–well, at least, before getting prepared and resolving the problem.

According to a report by Washington Post, 654 people have been infected by the disease in the recent outbreak, 56 of whom were brought to the hospital, which includes 16 patients that needed intensive care due to complications.

The majority of these patients came from the four neighborhoods of Brooklyn and the authorities have found their common grounds to be being unvaccinated from the disease–including those that were totally non-vaccinated and the others weren’t aware of their vaccination status.

As a resolution to end the problem, New York has deployed more than 500 people and spent more than $6 million for the eradication of the cause of the outbreak. Aside from those initial precautions, the city has issued an order that was frowned upon by a lot of parents: a mandatory vaccination.

New York City just passed a new law requiring all children to get vaccinated in order to be allowed in schools. This law also lifted the religious exemptions on vaccination from schools, which practically bans unvaccinated children from going to school.

This new law affects more than 26,000 school children of New York, something that anti-vaccination parents find offensive and oppressive to their beliefs. America has long witnessed the never-ending debate between pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination parents.

As expected the anti-vaxx parents weren’t pleased. A series of protests from fuming parents were held in Albany last month to oppose the new ban. In as much seriousness they give to their anti-vaccination beliefs, they really drove protests around New York to stop the ban on unvaccinated children, giving a choice to vaccinate their children or “leave.”

While these anti-vaxx people heat up the streets, the opposing side of pro-vaccination is showing their relief in social media that such law was made, finally.

Meanwhile, as the measles outbreak in New York is finally lifted, the rise of the homeschooling population is increasing. As to why these parents still refuse to get their kids vaccinated is a thing for another discussion. We just have to wait and see where this tug-of-war will lead us.


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