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Israel Holds First Outdoor Concert Exclusive For Vaccinated Audience




  • Israel held an outdoor concert in Tel Aviv last February 24, Wednesday.
  • The music event was exclusive for Green Pass holders, meaning people who have already been vaccinated or have developed immunity against the virus.
  • The country’s aggressive approach to vaccination has proven to have dramatically decreased virus transmission.

Tel Aviv recently held its first outdoor concert after most public events have been cancelled for almost a year since pandemic lockdowns began. The show featured Israeli singer Nurit Galron and was held at the Ganei Yehoshua park.

What made the February 24 concert unique, however, is that it was exclusive for ‘Green Pass’ holders. Under the country’s latest regulations, cultural events will only allow those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or those who have already recovered from the disease.

Retired businessman Doron Zicher said about the event:

“It provides protection, but also a feeling of comfort to sit among people who are vaccinated. After a year staying at home in a sort of isolated environment it feels great to go out and experience public shows and activities.”

66-year-old Michal Porat added:

“If I need to go to a cultural place where they don’t ask for the green passport I wouldn’t go. I want to know and to be sure that all the people that are next to me are already immune and vaccinated, and I wouldn’t trust people who are not.”

According to reports, the passes are valid for six months after completing the two required doses. So far, the country has been very aggressive in its vaccination efforts with almost half of the population already vaccinated with the first shot.

Studies have also shown that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine has greatly reduced virus transmission in Israel by 89.4% in asymptomatic cases and 93.7% symptomatic cases.

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