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Singing Doctor Distracts Baby During Vaccination in Cutest Way

Needles can be scary. That’s why this Long Island pediatrician sings to his patients while administering shots. Watch as Dr. William Gerba of Great Neck, New York, hums a happy tune and tickles 6-month-old Noah Gonzalez with the syringe cap before giving the baby a vaccination. The adorable video was filmed by mom Sipora Bangiyeva, 28.

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A doctor has made getting shots ‘fun’ for his youngest patients with his unique comedy routine – humming a goofy tune to distract the babies as he gives them their vaccines. Jabs can be stressful for any parents, but Dr. William Gerba at MDS4KIDS, in Great Neck, New York, made it a fun experience for five-month-old Noah.

In the cute video, shot by Noah’s mom Siphora Bangiyeva, Dr. Gerba can be seen humming the tune and giving baby Noah little pokes all over his body. From arm to leg to side, each light prod made Noah more giggly during his June 12th appointment.

Then, without the youngster expecting it, Dr. Gerba used a needle for one of the prods to provide the inoculation – a prick that Noah hardly noticed as he continued to laugh straight after.

Siphora, 28, and Noah’s dad, Steve Gonzalez, 32, said that the experience was such a relief for them as parents.

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