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Aussie Guy Sparks Controversy For Pranking His Glamour Model Girlfriend

Too funny or too cruel? Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section!

Shammi, an Australian entertainer, has received a lot of negative feedback online after posting his latest prank video.

In the clip below, you will see Shammi repeatedly pranking Sarah Reay-Young, his model girlfriend. He titled it “How to impress your girlfriend” but browsing the comments on it, netizens are clearly unimpressed.

The video begins with Shammi smashing an egg to Sarah’s face while she was putting her make-up on. “Are you f***ing serious?,” she asked while he giggled in delight.

And that was just the start of it.

In his prank video, Shammi cracked an egg on Sarah’s face and suddenly stepped on the brake to startle her.

shammi-pranking-girlfriend 2

Photo credit: Shammi

This guy took things to the extreme by doing all sorts of stupid pranks from suddenly stepping on the car brake, pushing her to a group of strangers, and shoving an ice cream to her face.

Two of the most controversial pranks on the clip, however, were the worst. It showed him pushing the unsuspecting lady into the garden ground and, in the last part, into a river while he was taking a photo of her.

Majority of the viewers weren’t exactly thrilled with how he treated his girlfriend.

shammi-pranking-girlfriend 3

Photo credit: Shammi

Like I said, most people actually weren’t entertained.

One Facebook commenter said, “If you laugh at this, then something’s wrong with you.” Another encouraged Sarah to “Dump him, dump him quick. Get a nice man.”

Some netizens, however, pointed out that it was all an attempt to gain attention.

shammi-pranking-girlfriend 1

Photo credit: Shammi

However, there are others who think it’s all a publicity stunt.

For example, a netizen commented, “Being that they’re wearing the same clothes in EVERY scene, I’d make an educated guess that this was all filmed in 1 day for likes, shares, and attention…well played. It worked.”

So far, the video has gained 20,603,463 views and 252,148 shares in just 3 days.

You can watch the controversial video here:

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The couple eventually defended themselves online with Sarah posted on Facebook:

“It’s all fun and games, people… Besides, wait until its his turn. Pay backs a b***h. Love you, babe.”’

To which Shammi responded:

“Haha you’re the best…Bring it on.”

Frankly though, whether the pranks were staged or not, no woman deserves to be treated like that.


H/T: Shammi


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