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Prankster Pretends to Cheat on his Girlfriend. Her Revenge? Pure Evil!





What happens after a prankster breaks his girlfriend’s heart by making her think that he is a cheater?

Recently, YouTube channel ViralBrothers shared the video of a guy who pulled a prank on his girlfriend after he found out that she is snooping around his phone, in an attempt to find clues if he is flirting with other girls. That’s the reason why the guy, Čeněk Stýblo, worked with his colleagues from Viral Brothers in plotting a foolproof prank for her.

The guys began their plan by creating fake romantic conversations between Čeněk and a ‘third party’. To make the act more believable, they took a picture of him with another woman in bed. Čeněk will then send this photo to his phone using a friend’s phone, to make it appear as a message coming from the supposedly ‘other woman’. Then they placed hidden cameras in the living room so they can see the reaction of Čeněk’s girlfriend.

Then one night, Čeněk executed the prank and, of course, everything went as planned. Čeněk went to the toilet, leaving his phone at the table next to his snooping girlfriend. Then while inside the comfort room, he sent the picture to his own phone. While he was insanely laughing at his naughty trick, the reaction of his girlfriend was a lot crazier than you could ever imagine.

Watch the crazy prank:

Little did Čeněk know that his girlfriend was planning to retaliate. In the following video, you will see how Čeněk’s girlfriend made him pay for his crazy prank. And boy, he sure paid the price! I don’t even know if he would ever forgive her.

Watch the girlfriend’s evil revenge:

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Now that’s learning the hard way! I think that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. After seeing Čeněk writhe in pain, it made me wonder if this couple would actually end up married or if they would break up soon. Because if this exchange of crazy pranks continues, one of them could get seriously hurt someday. What do you think?

Credits: ViralBrothers

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