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Self-Taught Photographer Captures Fascinating Houses Built In The Middle Of Nowhere

A cozy house and some peace and quiet? Sign me up!


Are you sick of everyone around you? Are you tired of people constantly nagging you to the point where you’d rather live far away from them? Why not build a house in the middle of nowhere? Why not build a house in the middle of – let’s say, uh – ocean? Crazy, right?

Well, crazy, but perfectly doable. Not buying it? Before you dismiss the idea – just so you know – some people have already done that. While they’re not actually a dime a dozen, there’s a pretty hefty number of them around the world — a whole bunch that a photographer even created an Instagram filled with them.

Eric Ward is a self-taught photographer who decided to embark on a meaningful journey to capture pictures of these houses. If you’re interested, you can see them on his Instagram account. Below are some of his best works.

#1. Nothing to see here folks. Just a neat little house in the middle of the sea.

#2. Well, for what it’s worth, at least they bothered placing a bridge.

#3. Something about this house reminds me of The Amityville Horror.

#4. Similar to the previous one. The only difference is this one’s more of a cabin type.

#5. Next thing you know, those marks become more circular in shape while the cows end up missing.

#6. Grand Haven, indeed.

#7. Great in green. This one’s perfect for anyone looking for a weekend getaway.

#8. Try listening more closely, and you will hear the golden wheat blowing in the Ohio summer breeze.

#9. Well color me surprised. This ain’t a house. This is a damn castle!

#10. One can imagine that this house hides a portal to a fantasy realm.

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12 of the Most Totally Bizarre Holes in Our Planet

Although some are man-made, most of them have mysterious origins.

Some of Earth’s impressive wonders are created by humanity, though most are because of nature. From diverse landscapes to mind-blowing architectures, our world is filled with many majestic sights. And when it comes to such topics, it is a crime not to include those mysterious holes.

Today, we are going to find out one of the planet’s most thought-provoking phenomena: the largest holes in the surface. And mind you, most of us are still wondering how they existed.

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Women Are Much Happier With Less Attractive Men, Claims New Study

Tale as old as time, anyone?

While we all believe that appearance shouldn’t even be an issue when it comes to love, some women are admitting that they are indeed much happier being in a relationship with men who are less attractive. This is what a new study tells us and people are divided in their opinions about it.

In a research conducted by the Florida State University among heterosexual couples, experts found out that more successful relationships tend to be those with the female being the more attractive one.

Apparently, women are much happier when they’re with less attractive men.

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Artist Illustrates What Loss Of Net Neutrality Looks Like – And It’s Truly Disturbing!

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Net neutrality has recently been a hot topic – for very valid reasons. Internet users in the United States are at a risk of losing it and many are understandably furious about it.

What is net neutrality anyway and why is it such a big deal these days? Read on and we’ll give you more details about it plus we’ll share with you a thought-provoking comic made by a talented illustrator.

The government wants to turn the internet into a profit-driven product.

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