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Narrow House In Japan Proves Tiny Homes Can Be Awesome

It’s also about smart architecture and design.






Tiny homes are popular today among millennials and young couples. The small structures do have their appeal. They are easier to maintain, are cheaper to build, and encourage a simple and minimalist lifestyle. You see, having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have all the basic amenities and enjoy living in your cozy home.

Just take this tiny, narrow house in Japan, for example. From the outside, it certainly looks small, but the interior is impressive.

The house was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier.

It looks really small from the outside, but it features all the necessary rooms and features of a normal-sized house.

The 594-square-foot tiny home is based on a triangular site between a river and a road

The outside design is very straightforward and modern.

The triangular house has two floors.

The architects did a good job with the layout of the house.

The bedroom is on the first floor.

The sleeping area can fit big beds to ensure a comfortable sleep.

The kitchen and living room are on the second floor of the house.

The kitchen is fully equipped, so delicious home-cooked meals can be made and shared here.

There’s also a mezzanine level accessible by a ladder, and it serves as a playroom for kids.

Children can also enjoy living in this tiny home, thanks to the cleverly constructed play area.

All the walls are painted white and large windows are installed, which help make the house look more spacious than it actually is.

What do you think of this narrow house in Japan? Would you be interested and living in a tiny home like this? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Daughter Teaches Dad How To Selfie, Doesn’t Expect He’ll Become An Internet Sensation

Whoever said daddies and selfies don’t go well together!

Mark Andrew



Let's face it - old people and new technology do not really mix well. When we try to combine the two, disaster often ensues and its freaking hilarious. Remember that father who used a new GoPro during a Las Vegas vacation? Or our previous post about cringe-worthy text messages from dads?

Well apparently, we've got another story about a father who actually achieved viral fame because of his selfies which are actually more heartwarming than embarrassing. Now everyone loves him for his epic photos!

His daughter taught him how to selfie and now he's a viral star!

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Barbie Gets a Hijab and is Modeled After an Olympic Fencer

It is the latest addition in the company’s “Shero” collection, with Ibtihaj Muhammad being the model.




If you think Barbie could not get any better, then you probably have not heard the recent update. That is because she, for the first in history, will be wearing a hijab. And she will be modeled after a titular Olympic fencer.

The company Mattel announced that the newest inclusion in its “Shero” doll collection would be modeled after Ibtihaj Muhammed, the said Olympic athlete. Muhammed was known for being the first American to ever compete in the games while wearing a hijab.

Barbie's newest version will find her wearing a hijab.

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45 Times Former ‘Buffy’ Star Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Outfits

And he is only using the cheapest, available stuff at home!




If you have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you would agree that it was one of the most popular TV series back then. This was way before the likes of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead took the industry by storm. And when talking about the said show, it is a crime not to include Tom Lenk on the topic.

Lenk was known for his role as Andrew Wells, but he was more applauded for his witty side. That is because the actor has been recreating fashionable outfits of fellow celebrities since then. From various premieres to award shows to photo shoots, he uses all of them as “inspiration.” Interestingly, his works involved the simplest of stuff – the kind that you can buy for a dollar or two.

Take a look at some of his famous recreations below and find out which one is your favorite. Enjoy!

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