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6 Secrets To Make Yourself Look Beautiful In Photos





Everybody wants to have that picture perfect look. With the hundreds of photos we see on social media everyday, we sometimes cannot help but be envious of those people who just always look great in their photos.

However, we need not to worry if we don’t have the stunning look of Adriana Lima or the oozing sex appeal of Tyson Beckford. We could actually get that picture perfect look in more ways than one!

The secret to looking attractive in your photos is having a relaxed, genuine smile. Jodee Ball, an Ohio-based photographer finally reveals these 6 tips to get that picture perfect look like those in magazine covers.

First, strike a relaxed pose and smile. To obtain a relaxed smile close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes before the shutter clicks and smile. Think of something pleasant to shake the guilt out of your shoulders.

#1. Just chill and smile!
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Second, twist your body about three quarters farther from the camera. You will look disproportionately bigger when you are near the camera.

#2. Tilt your body away from the camera a bit.
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Third, mind where your hands are. Your hands’ position can help highlight your bests. Don’t put your hand in the way of your beautiful face. Lower it.

#3. Highlight your beauty assets with your hands.
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Fourth, drop your shoulders. This would highlight a better angle of you.

#4. Drop those shoulders!
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Fifth, bend your knee. You will seem to have the curves when you do.

#5. Just bend your knee.
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Here’s the sixth and probably the most important tip when posing for the camera, lightly tilt your head to give your features more vigor. Tilt your head in such a way that you don’t face squarely the camera.

#6. Tilt your head.
Photo credit: Jodee Ball Photography

Now you’ve got more reasons to strike a pose and take selfies!

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