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Sculpture Warned “Do Not Look Into The Eyes.” People Ignored it and Suffered the Consequences





Human beings are naturally stubborn.

Go to a museum and try to look for a painting with a sign that says “Do not take pictures.” Most often than not, you will likely find someone sneaking a smartphone so he or she can take a quick snapshot.

Put up a piece of antique artifact in open display with a “Do not touch” note and many will attempt to handle it.

This has been proven true by this experiment-slash-prank put up in a hallway in Norway. A headbust sculpture was placed in a glass display with an accompanying sign that clearly warned “Do not look into the eyes.”

And yet its surprising how many people, perhaps out of curiosity, deliberately ignored the written warning. Eventually, they had to pay the consequences.

This guy stared the sculpture in the eye and fell down on the floor as a result:


Photo credit: erikpirolt

It’s the classic case of “curiosity killed the cat” although fortunately, in this particular case, no one really died.

The result, however, is a hilarious one as those dying to discover what’s up with the mysterious sculpture were shocked by what was in store for them.

This is what happened:

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The first guy fell off his feet and its terribly funny. Others squealed in surprise.

This video entitled “Warning: Do Not Look Into The Eyes!” was originally uploaded by user erikpirolt on YouTube back in 2011 but has again received renewed online interest, thanks to Reddit. So far, it has been viewed almost 2 million times as of this writing.

It has also earned various reactions from viewers on YouTube. Fatkiller1000 commented “I saw the dude was down on the thumbnail and I thought it might have had a curse or some (expletive) so I didn’t look.” On the other hand, zemroid said “Old people could get a heart attack from that. Rude.”

Well, we will leave it up to you, our dear blog readers, to decide whether this prank was fun or not.

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H/T: ViralityVideos

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