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Scammers Get Trolled After Trying To Scam Police Officer

The scammer said she’ll get arrested in 45 minutes!

  • Captain Ann Stephens of North Carolina received a call from a scammer, who claimed to be police officer “John Black.”
  • They said Stephens was guilty of money laundering and drug trafficking and will be arrested in 45 minutes, unless she cooperates.

Scammers are among the worst people you can encounter out there. They prey on the gullible so they can make easy money. And they can get really creative in their methods of deception.

That’s why it’s always satisfying when we see these fraudsters miserably failing in their attempts to fool people. Case in point, one phone scammer pretending to be a cop made the mistake of calling a real police officer.

As anyone can easily imagine, things definitely didn’t end well for the scammer.

Capt. Ann Stephens couldn’t help but laugh at the scammer’s ridiculous allegations.

Everything was captured on film and the conversation was on loudspeaker. The video, which quickly went viral online, was originally posted on the official Facebook page of the Apex Police Department.

In the said clip, we see Capt. Ann Stephens talking with scammers who accused her of two crimes: drug trafficking and money laundering over $10 million. The scammer pretended to be a cop and said his name is “Officer John Black.”

“Officer Black” said she will get arrested in 45 minutes unless she cooperates.

Capt. Stephens, on the other hand, continued giving the caller a hard time until the call was passed to a supervisor who, coincidentally is named “Officer Jason Brown.”

Geez. These fraudsters are hilarious!

In his thick accent, the fraudster told Stephens:

“If you don’t tell me then we’ll go ahead and suspend all the bank accounts that are connected to your Social Security. So don’t blame us if you lose any money.”

Here’s a video report:

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Meanwhile, you can watch the entire conversation here:

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