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This Facebook Post About Stay-At-Home Moms Went Viral For All The Right Reasons





If there is a single question that most stay-at-home mothers get asked all too often, it’s got to be “what do you do all day?” And quite frankly, that kind of question isn’t always appreciated.

Besides, it kinda sends a discriminatory tone that such moms aren’t contributing much just because they are not employed full-time at the moment.

But really, if you think about it deeply – stay-at-home moms are doing their jobs full-time and it can be more difficult than most of us realize.

Take it from Ryshell Castleberry, a tattoo artist based in Florida who got sick of the above-mentioned question.

Perhaps frustrated by it all, she took time to write a lengthy tribute for all stay-at-home moms and then shared it on her Facebook wall. She made a fictional conversation between a psychologist and a husband where the latter says that his better half “doesn’t work” because she’s a “housewife.”

You can read the rest of the post here:

Not surprisingly, many were able to relate with Ryshell’s post and so it immediately went viral on social media. The post gained numerous likes and shares on Facebook, with many users taking time to leave positive comments as well.

While there are a few who also reacted negatively to the post (some of whom are working mothers who said they “do all that AND work”), Ryshell defended that that her post could be for everyone, whether working mom or working that. All they need to do is to “read the message and replace the words with words that fit [their] situation.”

That aside, we give Ryshell two thumbs up for her enlightening insights about motherhood.

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