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This Real-Life Winter Wonderland in Russia is the Coldest Place on Earth





If you despise the cold weather, then this place probably isn’t for you.

Dubbed as the coldest place on earth, Oymyakon, a rural locality in Russia, registered the lowest temperature for any inhabited place in February 1933 – a whopping -90 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, the temperature in Oymyakon for December to February is around -58 degrees, while it is relatively hotter in the months of June and July. The ground in Oymyakon is permanently frozen.

Because of year-round below zero temperature, the ground in Oymyakon is permanently frozen.


Photo credit: Earth Porm
Day length in Oymyakon varies from three to 21 hours.


Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
There is only one store which supplies all the needs of the community


Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
And all the produce sold in the market are frozen.


Photo credit: Earth Porm
The town relies on a heating plant for its source of warmth.


Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
While remote petrol stations are open for 24 hours and staff have two-week rotating shifts.


Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
Statues in Oymyakon are perpetually covered in frost.


Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
This woman entering the Yakutsk’s Cathedral looked like she came out of a freezer.

A local woman enters Preobrazhensky Cathedral in a swirl of freezing mist.

Photo credit: Amos Chapelle
And this guard dog forced to stay outside in the cold is freezing right to its whiskers.

No-nonsense guard dog in the suburbs.

Photo credit: Amos Chapelle

This place definitely isn’t for those who can’t tolerate extreme cold.

Source: Wired /Earth Porm

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