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Man Fakes Murder In Attempt To Get Cops Clear His Snow-Covered Road




  • A man from the village of Grybova Rudnya in Ukraine called the local police, telling them that he murdered his mother’s partner by stabbing.
  • During the phone call, he also reminded the cops to “come with a snowplough” so they can get to him. Apparently, his so-called victim is alive and unharmed.
  • He later admitted that the story was fake and he only wanted the police to clear his snow-covered road.

A man from Ukraine admitted to faking a murder in an attempt to get the police clear the snow on his road. According to reports, authorities arrived at his home on a Saturday night after they received a call from him, saying that he stabbed his mother’s partner and the victim “showed no signs of life.”

Cherniguiv police spokesperson Yuliya Kovtun pointed out, “At the same time he immediately warned the police that they should come with a snowplough, because there is no other way to get to him.” Unfortunately for the self-confessed “killer,” officers later came in an SUV but did not bring snow-clearing tools.

The police rushed to the place and were surprised to find the ‘victim’ alive and well!

Kovtun continued:

“Immediately after arriving, they discovered that the relative was indeed at the house, but in one piece and unharmed. No one had attacked him.”

The ‘killer’ thought it would be a good idea to trick the police into clearing his snow-covered road.

The man, whose identity was left unrevealed by the police, ended up admitting that it was a fake call and that he only tried doing the stunt because he “was not satisfied” with the clearing previously done by municipal services. He hoped the cops would actually finish the job for him.

As a result of the stunt, the man from the village of Grybova Rudnya eventually ended up getting fined 119 hryvnias (around US$4.25) for improper appeal.

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