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This is Probably One of the Best Preserved Mummies Ever!





At the end of the Catacombs of Capuchin in Palermo, Sicily, in the southern part of Italy lies the body of a real-life “Sleeping Beauty”.

But contrary to the famous fairy tale, she is not a maiden who awaits for her prince and her true love’s kiss.

This sleeping beauty was once a two-year child named Rosalia Lombardo who died of pneumonia in the 1920’s. Her little body rests in the chapel at the end of the catacombs, enclosed in a glass top coffin and placed above a wooden pedestal.

Rosalia’s body has been very well preserved.


Photo credit: Italian Ways
She looks like she’s just fallen into a deep sleep.


Photo credit: Casa Vacanze
The Catacombs of Capuchin.


Photo credit: Palermoviva
The young girl’s early demise devastated her father, General Mario Lombardo.


Photo credit: Hub Pages
He sought the help of a Chemistry professor, embalmer, and taxidermist, Alfredo Salafia.


Photo credit: Tintuc Online

Because of Salafia’s method, even the little girl’s organs remained surprisingly intact. His technique remained a secret for a very long time until his handwritten journals were recently discovered.


Photo credit: Reckon Talk

Aside from his once secret embalming technique, people had been wondering why Rosalia’s eyes seem to open and close from time to time!

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Many cultures believe in preserving the body of the dead for use in the afterlife. Whatever reasons Rosalia’s bereaved father had–thanks to Salafia–his little girl is now considered the most beautiful mummy in the world.

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