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This Little Girl Died 100 Years Ago. But Why She Still Blinks Her Eyes Inside Her Coffin?





Have you ever heard about the Capuchin Catacombs in Sicily? Well, they have some of the world’s best preserved mummies, and one of them belongs to an Italian little girl named Rosalia Lombardo. She’s the most famous of all the 8,000 mummies lining the catacombs beneath the Capuchin convent in Palermo, Sicily.

Little Rosalia died in 1920. According to research, she died of pneumonia at the age of two. Her father, Mario Lombardo was deeply saddened by her sudden death that he requested Alfredo Salafia, a well-known Sicilian embalmer to preserve her. Up to now, Rosalia’s body remained almost completely intact after being preserved for nearly 100 years.

Although little is known about the little girl, many called her as the “Sleeping Beauty” of Capuchin Catacombs, being so well-preserved that it looks like she is sleeping in her coffin. Poking above a blanket, her peaceful face is framed by curly blond hair, while a ribbon is still tied around her head. But, the most eerie thing about her body is that many believe she still opens and closes her eyes many times during the day.

Here’s the time-lapse series of photos:


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These photos were captured over the lapse of two hours and had been a subject of many speculations for several years.

However, one man had an explanation for this. In an interview with Capuchin Catacomb curator Dario Piombino-Mascali, he claimed that this spooky phenomenon is “an optical illusion produced by the light that filters through the side windows, which during the day is subject to change.” He further added that Rosalia’s eyes are “not completely closed, and indeed they have never been.” So, people can still see her intact blue eyes. Amazing mummification!

Watch the video:

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But, is it really an optical illusion? Let us know what you think.

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