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Smart Dog Rescues his Friends who were Drifting Down the River in an Unmanned Canoe!





Dog lovers get terribly heartbroken whenever they hear news about hurt or mistreated dogs. Because they know that with the right training, these dogs are truly the best companion a person can ever have.

They are loyal, intelligent, and loving four-legged creatures, and they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their masters. However, the clip below proves that they’re not just helpful and kind to humans, but also to dogs that are in dire need of help.

In the video, a dog named Robbie Benson risked his own life to save a mountain cur named Jukebox Bullet and a hound named Rusty Sierra–two dogs trapped in a canoe that was drifting down a river.  Fortunately, Robbie was around to save the day!

Watch how the smart dog saved his friends’ lives here:

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I personally couldn’t take my eyes off the screen until I know all three of them were safe and back on dry land! How about you? What can you say about Robbie’s stunt? Isn’t he really smart and brave for swimming across the river and pulling the canoe by the rope that was attached to it?

Share this heart-warming video to all the dog lovers (and haters) out there to prove why we should love and take care of our loyal, furry friends.

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