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Brave Dad Risks Life By Jumping Over Forbidden Zoo Fence To Save Drowing Chimpanzee

Faith in humanity restored!


Zoos have rules and for the most part, they are implemented to ensure that zoo visitors do not get hurt by wild animals. Besides, interacting with some animals can be life-threatening.

For this story though, we see that breaking the rules is sometimes necessary to save a life.

Rick Swope, a husband and a father of three, decided to risk his life as he jumped over Detroit Zoo’s forbidden fence – and straight into the murky water – to save Jo-Jo, a drowning chimpanzee.

Other guests in the zoo were left in shock and awe as they watched the brave 33-year-old man do the impossible feat. It was a sure danger for Jo-Jo since chimpanzees, by nature, cannot swim. Also, it should be noted that such animals are usually aggressive and are about 3 to 5 times stronger than humans. So Rick was at risk as well.

33-year-old father of 3 Rick Swope jumped over the forbidden zoo fence to save Jo-Jo, a drowning chimpanzee.

father saves chimpanzee 1

Source: YouTube

According to the reports, Jo-Jo was playing with another chimpanzee when he accidentally fell into the water. Rick was with his family at the time when they heard the splash. Despite being warned by zoo staff, he instantly threw himself into the water to perform a daring rescue.

Rick said, “everyone just stood and watched as the monkey was drowning” so he immediately sprung into action.

“Everyone just stood and watched as the monkey was drowning,” Rick said. So he decided to do something about it.

father saves chimpanzee 2

Source: YouTube

In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, he described the experience this way:

“The water was so dirty, so I could not see anything. I dived down and swam to the bottom. In the end, I saw him.”

Watch the video report here:

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Although the incident has happened 26 years ago, the story found new life as several news websites have shared it online. If you check the YouTube video, the clip is getting a lot of new comments and views as well.

Meanwhile, our hero wouldn’t even want to call attention to himself. He said:

“It was no big deal. I reflected not so much of it. I had the possibility to save him, so I did it.”

Our deepest respect to you, Rick! People like you definitely restore our faith in humanity.


Girl Who Grew Up With Gorillas Reunites With Them 12 Years Later

The gorillas reactions left me speechless.

Elite Readers previously reported about a conservationist who raised a zoo-bred gorilla as if it were his own. Kwibi was just five years old when Damian Aspinall and his team released him into the wild in 2005. Five years later, Damian decided to track him down.

One would expect that the gorilla would not recognize Damian after all those years and even the conservationist himself didn't think it was possible. However, it turned out to be one heartwarming reunion.

The story continues with Damian and his daughter Tansy. The family owned a charity, The Aspinall Foundation, which rehabilitates gorillas who were raised in captivity. Their goal is to release gorillas to where they belong, their native habitat in West Africa.

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CCTV Catches Little Boy Sneaking into Neighbor’s Garage For a Heartwarming Reason

The boy sneaks into his neighbor’s garage every bike ride not to steal or pull pranks, but to cuddle his neighbor’s dog.


Truly, a dog is a friend for life.

This was exemplified by this CCTV video caught in a neighborhood in Louisiana wherein a little boy was seen running inside a garage and giving the dog a quick bear hug before going back out to the street.

The owner of the house and the dog, Hollie Breaux Mallet, posted the video on Facebook not to embarass or scold the young boy, but to encourage him to stay longer and play with her dog, Duchess.

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Caught On Video: This 2-Year-Old Boy Almost Got Pounced By A Huge Lion

OMG! My heart skipped a beat while watching this!

Caught on film, this scary moment shows us a zoo lion in Japan attempting to pounce a two-yer-old boy. Well fortunately, an enclosure glass wall was there to protect the child from certain harm.

As you can see on the video, the animal seemed to be sitting calmly when the toddler was looking at him. The moment the youngster turned his back, however, the big cat rose up and ran violently towards him. Without that glass, we do not doubt the poor boy would have been lion snack.

In Japan, this 2-year-old boy almost got pounced by the huge lion behind him.

lion attacks toddler 1

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