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After Changing His Name, This Guy Now Enjoys Free Hotel Stays and Car Rentals

Ultimate troll? Well, wait until the police comes knocking!

Mark Andrew





A Reddit user claims he has come up with the most brilliant way to scam hotels and car rental services. According to his post on the said site, the trick is merely to change into one which computers cannot understand.

How does that work? Well to begin with, it simply means that whoever uses such a name will never get charged for anything since the system will reject it. This is because IT systems are designed to refuse the name ‘Null.’

So what exactly is this dude’s new name, you ask? Well, now he goes by the name ‘Raven Felix Null.’

Redditor changes his name to ‘Raven Felix Null’ and IT systems have been rejecting it.

Thumbs up sign post

According to Null he has spent nights in hotels and has used rental cars completely for free.

This is because staff members often tell him they will input his name ‘later’ and if he gets questioned for it, he retorts with this:

“I usually just accuse them of oppressing me and threaten to sue them for discriminating against me due to my name.

The manager at the time just gives me whatever it is I want and “will add it later”. People are so scared of a PR nightmare these days…”

‘Null’ has since enjoyed free hotel stays and car rentals because of this scam.

man changes last name scam 2

His controversial post has earned various reactions on the web but for the most part, people are bashing him for the illegal act.

Null adds:

“Yes, I know I’m an a**hole. However, if someone still said they couldn’t do it after threatening to be sued I’d probably congratulate them and tell them how many people I have ripped off by doing that and wish them a good day. I might even offer to buy them a beer later.”

We doubt, however, that he can continue scamming people now that he has exposed his own trick online. This will surely give business owners a heads up so they can avoid being victimized by the same scammer.

Also, he can probably expect the police to soon come knocking on his door once they track his real identity.


DO NOT Flip your Phone Upside Down While Reading This, Or You’ll Have a Nightmare!

Can you guess what’s wrong with these celebrity pictures? Flip your phone to see the trick 🙂

Mika Castro



A lot of tricks and quizzes found on the internet have kept us entertained during those times we are bored, passing away the time or just simply procrastinating. It's also very easy to browse and collect our favorite celebrities' pictures nowadays. Well, what if you can have a trick featuring your favorite celebrities? Sounds awesome, right? Well, at first it does seem like so, but if you flip your phone upside-down you might think twice about looking at those pictures again! So do not flip your phones for these pictures of your favorite celebrities' faces will be forever marred! You've been warned! :P

Disclaimer: For best results, view all images first as they appear here. Afterward, flip your mobile device and see the difference! Also, this trick is best viewed on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets etc. Unless you are able to flip your laptop or desktop monitor upside down. :)

Hello from the other side... Pretty normal Adele, eh?

Hello from the other side... Don't flip this picture upside down.

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Man left furious after someone sneaked up and stuck a PADLOCK on his stretched earlobe.

Mark Andrew



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The guy says he didn’t notice it at all until it was too late. He just heard a click in his fleshy tunnel and that was it.

He later posted a photo on his social media account and angrily captioned it this way:

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Watch a Predator Experiment on Chatroulette and See Their Reactions Once They Got Busted!

Predators are everywhere, even in dating sites you visit! Watch out!

Kris Evangelista



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Video chats are now more popular especially to the younger generation as they meet and see their chat mates virtually.

The danger here is when people use this technology to take advantage of young boys and girls.

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