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Golden Retriever Shows Amazing Fishing Skills By Catching Huge Catfish

What an impressive dog!

Mark Andrew





Your dog may love catching sticks and chasing rabbits but Rani, a golden retriever, is entirely on a different level. What makes the dog different, you ask? Well this one loves catching live fish!

In a video that recently resurfaced on social media, we see the animal showing off her remarkable fishing skills. She’s caught a huge catfish, dragging it out of the water and then places it on the wooden decking.

The original video, posted on YouTube by owner Patty Aguirre of Mississippi, was later reshared by Jukin Video on Facebook. Viewers are, of course, blown away with it.

In the video, you will hear Patty instructing the dog to “put it back” in the water.

Rani, a golden retriever, showed his amazing fishing skills by catching a huge catfish out of water.

rani golden retriever catches catfish 1

Rani, a service dog in training, is a member of the ‘Golden Gang’ along with Shai and Finn.

Golden retrievers are, of course, known for their instinctive love of water. If you will do some digging and check out Patty’s channel on YouTube, you will see that Rani is indeed fond of fishing – and she’s caught dozens of fishes and turtles.

Patty once wrote about her pet:

“Rani shares the fish with Finn. They eat them. She lets the turtles go. She just loves turtles, but she never hurts them.”

Watch the video here:

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The video has since gone viral, attracting thousands of views from curious netizens all across the globe. Obviously, everyone’s pretty impressed with Rani’s exceptional fishing skills.

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Elephant Miraculously Survives A Head Shot From Poachers

Damn! We hope those poachers get arrested soon.

Mark Andrew



Another case of animal brutality has made the news recently.

Pretty Boy, an elephant in Zimbabwe has been shot in the head by suspected poachers. Miraculously though, the animal actually survived.

What makes his story even more amazing is that he suffered the injury for about 3 to 6 weeks before he received medical treatment from Aware Trust Zimbabwe.

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Wild Hippo Keeps Returning Home to Humans Who Raised Her

Despite her kind’s dangerous reputation, this hippo thinks she’s a human…

Dondi Tiples



Hippos are considered one of the most dangerous large animals in Africa. They are often avoided and with good reason. In the wild, they are aggressive towards humans, and a hippo will often attack people without any provocation.

With their barrel bodies and wide, tusk-filled mouths, they are known to charge people in boats and on land. In South Africa, hippos are avoided at all costs, except for one...

Meet Jessica.

jessica 3

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Brave Dad Risks Life By Jumping Over Forbidden Zoo Fence To Save Drowing Chimpanzee

Faith in humanity restored!

Mark Andrew



Zoos have rules and for the most part, they are implemented to ensure that zoo visitors do not get hurt by wild animals. Besides, interacting with some animals can be life-threatening.

For this story though, we see that breaking the rules is sometimes necessary to save a life.

Rick Swope, a husband and a father of three, decided to risk his life as he jumped over Detroit Zoo’s forbidden fence – and straight into the murky water – to save Jo-Jo, a drowning chimpanzee.

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