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Scientists Believe This Genius 5-year Old Has Telepathic Abilities





There are special people born in this world possessing more talents than an average human can ever hope to achieve. They are individuals displaying unparalleled prowess in areas like math, language, music and the arts. Such special people are called high-functioning autistic savants. They might have some difficulty in social interactions, and may seem always lost in their own world, but that’s because they probably are living a far more complex world in their incredibly talented minds.

Meet 5-year old Ramses Sanguino, a high-functioning autistic savant who can already read and speak 7 languages at his age. He started learning other languages such as Russian when he was just 13 months old and started solving algebraic problems at around 3 years old. But his talents in linguistics and mathematics aren’t only what’s special about him. Ramses can also do telepathy, as claimed by his mother Nyx Sanguino.

Ramses in the company of books which he loves more than toys


Photo credit: Barcroft USA (Ruaridh Connellan)
Ramses loves to read and draw the Periodic Table of Elements which he already memorized by heart


Photo credit: Barcroft USA (Ruaridh Connellan)

Telepathy is the ability to read and communicate thoughts from one person to another using only the mind, no verbal, facial or actual expressions involved. As of the moment, Ramses displays sign of telepathy only with his mother, and only about numbers. But that is why Dr. Diane Powell of Harvard Medical School became eager to learn more and assess Ramses’ telepathic abilities. Powell is currently studying telepathy in gifted children around the world and she became interested in Ramses after seeing the videos uploaded by his mother where he would correctly guess numbers she wrote in secret. Is it an ability that can be honed with other people other than his mother? Can it be expanded to thoughts that not only involve numbers?

Nyx trying to make Ramses guess what the card number is in her hand.


Photo credit: Nyx Sanguino
Watch Ramses show his talents in this video

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Dr. Powell was quoted as saying,

“I have seem evidences of telepathy in many people. I am as confident that telepathy exists as I am a lot of things that have actually been accepted by science.”

Dr. Powell’s investigations of Ramses’ telepathic abilities in randomized and controlled conditions can further assess his talents regarding reading minds. Who knows maybe the key to telepathic communication all lies with the secret we can unlock from the inner workings of Ramses’ mind.

(L-R) Dr. Diane Powell, Ramses and Nyx


Photo credit:

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