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12-Year-Old Genius To Start College This Year, Wants To Work For NASA When She’s 16




  • Alena Wicker of Arizona is only 12 years old but is about to start college this year.
  • She’s going to take up astronomical and planetary sciences and chemistry in Arizona State University.
  • Alena wants to work as a NASA engineer by the time she reaches 16 and dreams of building equipment like the Perseverance Rover.

A young genius from Arizona has her sight set to the stars as early as now. Only 12 years of age, Alena Wicker is planning to take up astronomical and planetary sciences and chemistry. One day, she wants to work as an engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

That dream may not be too far off as the girl has already finished high school and is now preparing to study college at the Arizona State University within the year. Alena’s story went viral on social media and netizens just couldn’t help but be impressed with her achievements.

In a media interview, Alena even shared that her main goal is to build equipment for NASA – just like the Mars Perseverance Rover – by the time she reaches 16.

“I’ll be driving one of those future space mobiles by the time I graduate college,” she shared.

According to Alena, she has always wanted to be an engineer “because throughout my life, I liked building.”

Her passion began when she was introduced to Lego sets as an infant.

Daphne McQuarter, her mother, reflected:

“At 4 years old, she said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to work for NASA, and I’m going to go up there.’ She would point to the stars. She just had a gift for numbers and Legos and science, so I started nurturing that gift.”

“It doesn’t matter what your age or what you’re planning to do,” Alena remarked. “Go for it, dream, then accomplish it.”

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