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5 Quick Cheats That Will Make You Look Taller

Mark Andrew





While we’re all about loving one’s body, regardless of how you look, it is completely understandable why some shorter girls might want to appear a little taller. Of course, being short is definitely not a bad thing but if you’re hoping to be a bit taller, we’ve got you covered with these 5 easy cheats.

You’d likely be surprised with how simple and effective these tips are. So go right ahead and read on.

1. Go for shorter hair.

If you are of a petite frame, you have to remember that having long hair will not do wonders for your goal.

A shorter ‘do’ is the way to go if you want to look much taller than your actual height. Consider cutting your locks at least “right above or a few inches below the shoulder,”a SmartParenting article said. Doing so will help create an illusion of “lifting off the weight.”

2. Rock a top knot.

Source: Pinterest

Don’t want to cut your precious hair? Well the next best thing to that would be to put your hair up by tying it into a top knot instead.

You’ll be surprised with how this simple trick can actually help “add” a few inches to your height.

3.High-waist bottoms are awesome.

Source: Fashion Nova

No pun intended here, ladies, but high-waisted bottoms are definitely, well, highly recommended.

“The lower body,” according to the article, “can be elongated by wearing high-rise skirts, shorts, or pants.” This is specifically true if they perfectly fit your booty.

4. Stay away from over-sized bags.

Source: Favim

Yes, it makes total sense to ditch big bags if you are aiming for a taller you. Instead, a handbag that’s “smaller than your shoulder-width”would make a great pick.

5. Choose the right footwear.

Source: Favim

And with that, you’d probably be surprised to know we don’t exactly mean elevator shoes or those with massive heels.

As the article mentioned:

“Pointy toe shoes, nude footwear, and shoes with a low-cut vamp (one that shows toe cleavage) make your legs and feet appear more fluid and longer.”

Got any additional hacks for a taller appearance? Share your tricks with us by leaving a comment below!

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