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20 Funny Photos Showing The Struggle Is Real For Tall People





Life is never simple for tall people. Just imagine: they always stand out wherever they go. They just cant enter a room without getting noticed by everyone. On top of that, others often find them very intimidating, which can make interactions a bit awkward in some cases.

In many ways, however, things can also take a hilarious turn. Because of their size. Imagine how others have to stand up on an office desk or a step stool just to measure a tall person’s height! Or how they can get curious stares when they’re dating someone shorter.

Go browse the photo compilation below and you’ll see what we exactly mean!

#1. “A friend of mine at a recent checkup”

An Imgur user shared this pic. And it’s surely funny!

#2. “The new premier of Nova Scotia being interviewed by a female reporter”

In case anyone is wondering, Stephen McNeil stands 6′ 7″.

#3. “Me and my 6’4” date to our rowing formal. I’d say we’re pretty cute.”
#4. “Yao Ming visited my girlfriend’s restaurant. She’s 4’11″.

One of the commenters wrote:

“She could use his pant leg as a sleeping bag!”

#5. “My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people.”
#6. “My incredibly small friend ran into an incredibly tall person.”
#7. “So I bought one of those shirts…”

Nice one!

#8. “I’m 6’7” (2 meters) and went to get some tailored shirts made while traveling in Vietnam… they had to get out the ladder to take my measurements.”
#9. “Went on vacation on our family’s boat… this is my attempt at taking a shower.”

Poor guy!

#10. Oops, sorry for that!
#11. “My friend and I in a kitchen in Copenhagen”
#12. “I love my job, but I can’t wait to get hired onto a larger airplane.”
#13. They’re almost the same height now… after he dropped on one knee!
#14. “Protection comes in all shapes and sizes.”

Hats off to you, officers!

#15. Well take a look at that…

L.A. Dodgers second baseman Kike Hernández posted this on Instagram.

The caption read:

“I’d say #ShortPeopleProbs but it’s more like @kellimtennant problems!”

#16. Meet @thedutchgiant!

Taken during his vacation in the Philippines, actor and bodybuilder Olivier Richters shared this image, writing:

What is wrong with this picture?
A: Bodybuilding with McDonald’s
B: McDonald’s having a McSpaghetti
C: I can’t hear her
D: … They have bowls with rice chicken and egg. Just perfect. Bought five for also later that day haha. Wish they have it in Europe.

#17. She could use his shirt as his dress!
#18. “My 6’0” girlfriend and her minions”
#19. “Me with my best friend. She’s 4’11”, I’m 6’1″.”

Meanwhile, the Reddit thread is full of ladies asking where she got the nice-looking jeans.


The struggle can indeed be real – and somewhat funny – for the tall people out there.

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