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Queen Elizabeth II Replied to A Christmas Card – And Her Message Was Heartwarming!

One of the reasons why Queen Elizabeth II is well-loved, she really cares about her citizens as evidenced in her letter.

Mika Castro





Being a president, a head of state or even just being a renowned public figure sure must be tough. Imagine the thousands of multitudes of fan mails they receive every time and just who would make time to see through all that, much more so reply? Well certainly it would be Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England.

In a viral Facebook post by Andrew Simes dated November 10, he posted the story of correspondence between his grandfather and the respected British Monarch. The elderly Grandpa Simes started sending the Queen Christmas greetings when she ascended the throne in 1952. Even when he got stationed in Turkey, Grandfather Simes kept sending Christmas cards without fail.

The original Facebook post of Andrew Simes regarding the beautiful story of Christmas card correspondence with the Queen


Ever since Grandpa could remember, he made sure to send a Christmas card to his king/queen. So naturally, since 1952, Elizabeth II kept receiving his mail. As chance would have it, their paths crossed at a reception in Izmir, Turkey in 1972. When it was his turn to be introduced to the Queen, instead of a formal handshake, she paused, smiled, and quipped: “so its you who keeps sending me those lovely Christmas cards.” Of all her subjects, Grandpa stood out (perhaps because he mailed his letters from Turkey), but what a memory and level of kindness on the Queen’s part. She even wrote him to congratulate him on his 100th birthday.

Sadly, Grandpa passed away in the summer of 2011 at the age of 102. As a loyal grandson, admirer and student of his, I took it upon myself to continue writing our Queen every year to show our appreciation. And I started that very first Christmas after Grandpa’s passing. In January 2012, about a month after Christmas, I received a letter. The envelope suggested that it was sent from Buckingham Palace.

In it was written: “When I received a letter from a different Simes this Christmas, I instructed my office to research your grandfather’s whereabouts. Therefore it is with much sadness, I have learned of his passing and extend my condolences to you and your family.”

I couldn’t fight back the tears then, nor can I fight them back every time I remember this story of two people who left a lifelong impression on each other. And today, just as every year, I sent my Christmas cards… but top of the list was reserved for Her Majesty. Wishing you all a Christmas as magical as this story.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, perhaps their best-loved queen of all time.


This is not actually an isolated case, because Her Majesty is known to really reply with some remarkable encounters with her subjects. Before, she also wrote back a reply addressed to a young girl who invited her to attend the girl’s 7th birthday party.

The little things of caring like this for her people, even just in writing back letters shows her compassion and love for them. No matter how busy she is as Queen, she makes time to write back. Let us live by the Queen’s examples and make time for the people dear to us too this season.

Long live the Queen, and many more Christmas seasons to everyone, for the Queen and her family. 🙂

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