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Anatomical Body Painting Shows What’s Inside a Pregnant Woman’s Belly





The pregnancy is always a joyful time for any couple. This period is filled with great anticipation as the husband and wife awaits for their new bundle of joy. Of course, this also has many moments of discomfort. During the next 9 months, the mother may complain of various difficulties including backache, constipation, indigestion, morning sickness, itchiness, leg cramps, and much, much more. It’s an exciting, albeit undeniably challenging, time for the couple.

Of course, part of the thrill is to know how’s the baby doing and how he looks like inside the mom’s tummy. For the most part, sonogram technology is used for that. Expectant parents respond with great gladness as they eventually get a special peek of their offspring.

Dutch photographer Leonie Versantvoort and body paint artist Marieke Crone wanted to capture that tender moment. The two recently collaborated for a unique project that touches on the subject of pregnancy – and the result is pretty astounding!

The ‘BellyPaint’ by Leonie Versantvoort and Marieke Crone

body-painting-pregnant-woman featured

Photo credit: Leonie Versantvoort

Although not 100% accurate, the Bellypaint is a well-done anatomical body that painting gives us a fantastic visual of what a baby looks like inside a mother’s body. The painting even includes the mother’s internal organs as well as the baby, comfortably sleeping while hanging on to his umbilical cord as he seemingly looks forward to his upcoming birth.

Alyssa Dweck, an Ob-gyn, gave it a thumb’s up and called it “a beautiful artist rendering for an almost full-term baby.” She added “The opening of the vagina is a tiny bit off and should be a little further up but it’s otherwise perfect and cool as can be.”

This work of art is definitely praiseworthy. It could possibly be a trend among women who would want to have a one of a kind photograph during their pregnancy. Well, let’s just hope the photographer and artist wouldn’t mind if people start taking inspiration from their work.

H/T: Lost At E Minor

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