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Pregnant Woman In Relationship With 4 Men Says They Will All Raise The Child Together




  • Tory Ojeda, a polyamorous woman from Florida, is in relationship with four men.
  • She’s currently pregnant and claims all five of them will raise the child as a family.

A woman from Florida recently gained a lot of attention online because of her unusual relationship. Apparently, 20-year-old Tory Ojeda is polyamorous and has four boyfriends. To make matters more complicated, she’s currently 7 months pregnant – but claims she knows who the father is among her lovers.

If that didn’t make you scratch your head in disbelief, well I don’t know what else will. And yes, stories like this just confirm that the world is officially getting crazier and crazier than ever before.

She’s 20, she’s pregnant, and she has 4 boyfriends!

In a Barcroft Media interview, Tory shared her polyamorous journey began when she got into a relationship with Marc, 18, whom he met in high school. A couple of months, she began dating Travis, 23, and they eventually got engaged. Ethan and Christopher, both 22, also became her boyfriends later on.

All five of them get along quite well and they enjoy playing board games together. She, however, is also quick to admit things can also be challenging at times.

Case in point, the men take turns with her on the bedroom, “swapping in and out” every night, she admitted.

“Dividing time and figuring out schedules between all five people and making sure everyone feels included, it’s kind of difficult,”said Tory. She likewise added it would probably be “nice” if she wasn’t the only woman in the relationship.

While Chris is the baby’s biological father, all five of them are planning to raise the child as their own.

“We’re all raising the baby together, so everyone’s dad,” remarked Tory.

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Naturally, the strange love story has sparked a lot of negative reactions from netizens.

One commenter wrote:

“Disgusting. I feel absolutely horrible for that baby.”

Another said:

“This is like a car crash, no one really wants to see it but we just can’t help ourselves and look away.”

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