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Pregnant Mother Risked Her Life By Sucking Rattlesnake Venom Out of Son’s Foot





Jaclyn Caramazza, a pregnant mom from Folsom, California, risked her life to save her four-year-old son Vinny.

While on a bike trail near their home, her young son accidentally stepped into something brown that suddenly coiled.

Even at a very young age,  Vinny knew it wasn’t dog poop. Jaclyn recognized it was a snake. Soon, Jaclyn found two little puncture marks on Vinny’s right foot and within minutes, the child’s foot started to swell and turn purple.


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Apparently, Jaclyn’s “mama bear instinct” drove her to suck the venom out and rush the boy to a hospital.

Luckily, Vinny survived the snake attack and Jaclyn and her unborn child were unharmed. Although Jaclyn’s action seemingly saved her son’s life, experts warned not to do what she did.

Photo credit: Facebook

Chris Stoots, a California Fish and Wildlife office said: “Misconception is lacerate between the two points and suck the venom out. Absolutely don’t do that. Use your basic wound type stuff, soap and water, wash the area, keep it clean and call 911 immediately.”

Currently, Vinny is on his way to recovery.

Watch the video below:

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Will you be willing to risk your life to save your child?

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