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This Color-Shifting Hairstyle Trend Will Add a Dash of Whimsy to Your Look





Trends come and go. Before you know it, your new ‘do is a thing of the past and there’s a new look taking over town. But here’s one hairstyle trend you might want to sport a little longer – color shifting.

It’s definitely not for everyone, as the idea of multicolored locks might not appeal to some people, such as those in the corporate setup. But for the more adventurous ones, trying heat-reactive hair color might sound appealing.

Pravana Vivids Mood Color, the first-ever heat-reactive hair color, recently hit salons and has been getting a lot of buzz.

Source: Pravana

This hairstyle trend is the newest addition to color-changing fashion, which also includes color-shifting clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, nail polishes, and cosmetics. As the temperature changes, so does your hair color.

According to industry experts, consumers are wanting more control.

Source: Pravana

Helen Raynus, an artist and designer who teaches at Parsons School of Design in New York, told OZY:

“Everything is moving toward being much more customer driven. Changing-color technology is part of that.”

Pravana Vivids Mood Color comes in four palettes.

Source: Pravana

The colors can change from cool violet to warm pink, lime green to sunny yellow, smoky gray to invisible, and tropical peach to invisible. Sounds incredible, right? But what’s the catch? Well, the colors wear off pretty quickly. According to Keiffer Skipper, location leader and senior stylist at the Fox and Jane Salon in New York, said:

The only downside is that it is super temporary; it washes out after only one or two shampoos. So right now it’s mostly for a festival girl or someone who’s going to a big party that night.”

The people at Pravana are hoping to make the colors last longer.

Source: Pravana

Skipper added:

“If you were to walk out into the cold air from a heated building, it will change relatively quickly. However, the cooler color — for example, the violet — takes a little longer to change to the warmer color, the pink. There’s still a lot of things to work out, but we are really excited to see where this can go. Eventually, women will be able to have a nice conservative color while they are at work, then when they leave, they can have bright pink hair.”

See how it works here:

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What do you think of this innovation? Would you be up to trying it? Let us know in the comments below!

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