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Photoshop Wizard Turns Regular Photos Into Epic Movie Posters





Movie trailers and posters are designed for one significant reason: to hype you up. They are there to stir interest and make sure viewers get excited about what is about to come. Although they are not 100 percent guaranteed to work, they somehow give us audience a medium to look forward to. Interestingly, a Reddit user under the name of Your_Post_As_A_Movie thought about turning photos into eye-catching movie posters.

Believe it or not, his works are a form of art. And you will actually think they are related to an upcoming film or something. Elite Readers has compiled a list of this guy’s works, as we believe that talent like this should be celebrated. Scroll down below and check them out for yourself. Do not forget to let us know which ones are your favorites!

#1. You have been warned, kid.

#2. Well, I never saw that coming.

#3. Looks like something that Michael Bay will be interested in.

#4. There is no doubt that Ryan Gosling will be the perfect actor here.

#5. Now, who wants to watch this movie?

#6. I would seriously pay money for this one.

#7. All you need is Meryl Streep.

#8. This is how you make a road look epic and daunting.

#9. More like a horror film or something.

#10. A movie about this creature? Sure, why not?!

#11. I am beginning to believe that cats and evil are synonymous.

#12. Whatever the genre is, I am watching this one.

#13. Kids and adults will definitely love this. No doubt about that!

We can all agree that these movie posters deserve a spot on the big screen. Because why not? Well, if you want to know more about this photoshop wizard, check out his official Reddit here.

Now, tell us which ones are your favorites so far? Feel free to comment below!

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