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World’s Biggest Photoshop Troll Strikes Again With Hilarious New Photo Edits





When it comes to the internet and life in general, everyone should know this thing by now – you can’t expect good results when you ask for free favors. We’ve seen it over and over again, people who think they can get away with free stuff end up getting disappointed.

And they deserve it, right? Besides, the things they ask for – such as editing photos – takes skills and talents. So it’s just right that they pull some money from their pockets if they want to get quality work done for them. Exposure can’t pay the bills, so to speak!

We’re guessing this is exactly why James Fridman continues to be hailed as one of the biggest Photoshop trolls in the world of social media. His wit and humor is totally exceptional!

We love how he makes fun of those requesting for free photo edits, usually taking their words literally or putting some funny twists along the way.

If you still aren’t following him, shame on you. Believe me, you are missing out a lot!

Go check out some of his recent hilarious edits below:

#1. Getting rid of a bald head.

#2. Remove the guy but please don’t mock me.

#3. Not in the same direction.

#4. There’s something in there!

#5. That young enough for you?

#6. This is what happens when you remove the sign.

#7. Fixed it for you.

#8. A longer dress.

#9. Car-aoke.

#10. Armpit hair problem solved.

#11. Check out the cake.

#12. Request granted.

#13. Now you’re cooler. Literally!

#14. You asked for it.

#15. Happy now?

#16. This is simply the best one.

So yeah, this “troll” isn’t only about making fun of people. He also isn’t afraid to make a great point whenever he sees it necessary and we just love him for that.

If you’re interested to check out more of his stuff, you can visit his official website or follow him over at Twitter and Facebook.