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Photos of Parents’ Last Moments with Their Lifeless Babies Will Send You to Tears

So heartbreaking! I can’t even imagine the pain in their hearts.

Mini Malabanan





When Mike and Cheryl Haggard were about to lose their son Maddux Achilles Haggard in 2005, they did something ordinary parents wouldn’t even think of.

Before taking off the life-support attached to their son with a condition called myotubular myopathy, they decided to call photographer Sandy Puc to take black and white photos of them spending their last moments with him.

That heartbreaking moment was definitely too painful for any parent to imagine. But those photographs that memorialised the existence of Maddux actually inspired Cheryl Haggard and Sandy Puc to start a non-profit organisation called “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”.

“That night was the worst night of my life. But when I look at the images, I am not reminded of my worst night. I’m reminded of the beauty and blessings he brought,” Cheryl wrote in their website.

With the help of the organisation, thousands of parents were able to immortalise their heart wrenching final moments with their lifeless babies through photos. The organisation trains and supports volunteer photographers not only across America but in 40 other countries across the globe.

See the beautiful photos of family tragedies.

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Helmet Camera Captures the Terrifying Moment These Brave Firefighters Rescued Some Kids

Much respect to these guys. Wow, that was intense!

Jessa Ventures



A dreadful yet dramatic video was released by Fresno Fire Department showing the rescue of three children trapped inside a burning apartment. Captured by two helmet mounted cameras, the footage shows how these firefighters make way through the thick smoke caused by the fire in search of the children. You can barely see anything but notice the glass shattering during the intense rescue operation.

"The mother had given us a general direction of where the kids were to be located. It's zero visibility inside the building so we're kind of using, we're feeling down the wall trying to recognize objects," said Palmer, the Fresno Fire Captain.

Fortunately, the three children--a one year old boy, three and four year old girls although unconscious from toxic smoke are blessed enough to be rescued by such a brave team just in time before the situation gets worst.

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This Grandma Was Just Making Dinner, But When Her Song Comes on? I’m Cracking Up!

She was minding her own business, when her favorite tune started playing.

Raff Santos



Just like any most grandmothers, she found happiness in cooking and preparing meals for her children and grandchildren. But what made her different among the rest was she definitely remembered her hippy life.

She was merely preparing a meal but when the iconic Vanilla Ice classic “Ice Ice Baby” was played, she seemingly transformed herself just like a hippie in 1990’s. She has the coolest dance moves! She started making some of her own dance moves attuned to the rhythm of the music like stirring the pot and tapping her toes. And wait a little longer until she started banging her head. She surely knew her music. She basically turned the whole kitchen into a dance floor!

Watch the Cool Video:

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20 Unexpected Things Pope Francis did that Make Him so AWESOME!

If you can’t admit Pope Francis is awesome, there is either something wrong with you or you’re not paying attention.

Raff Santos



Pope Francis is considered the Pope with many firsts. He is the first Pope who uses the name Francis; He is the first Pope who hails from Latin America; and he is the first Jesuit Pope. In just less than 2 years as the High Pontiff, he has already done so many wonderful and incredible acts which have captured the attention of different people from all over the world. These are people who are not only Catholics but also with other religions. In fact, he has immediately been named by the Time’s Magazine as the “Person of the Year” for 2013.

Photo credit:

Check out some few among many great things that he has done as the Successor of Peter and Head of the Catholic Church.

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