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These People Embark on a Special Journey and Discover Their Genetic Roots





How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA?

Sounds intriguing, right? This was the question posed to unsuspecting volunteers by Momondo’s project  The DNA Journey. The volunteers were of different nationalities and ethnic origin, each with a different story about their ancestry. In spite of their different backgrounds, there was an evident and common denominator among all the volunteers – their confidence about their cultural identity.

But that was before they took the a journey into their DNA background. Momondo offered the volunteers an interesting and one-of-a-kind travel experience – tracing back their genetic roots. When the results of their DNA tests were revealed, the volunteers were astounded.

Watch how they explored their genetic diversity in this video:

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Truly, we have more in common with the world than we think. Although our cultures are diverse, we are connected to one another, even if we don’t know it and acknowledge it. As one of the volunteers has said, there would be no extremism and hate if people knew about their heritage.

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Source: Momondo, Bloghizzle

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