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New Law in New York Allows Pets to Be Buried Alongside Their Humans




  • New York became the first state to allow animals to be buried with their owners.
  • Prior to the law, dedicated pet owners would choose to be buried in pet cemeteries to avoid being separated from their furry companions.
  • The law is just one of several ways that New York is aiming to be more pet-friendly.

There is little doubt that our pets are sometimes our most loyal companions for most of our lives. With that in mind, some people want to be with their furry friends all the way until the end. Unfortunately, animals are not allowed to be buried in most cemeteries and so it’s amazing that this is changing in New York as a new law finally allows pets to be buried with their owners.

Back in 2016, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a law that would allow cemeteries for people to inter pets alongside their owners. It is just one of several moves to make the city more pet-friendly. The law covers not just cats and dogs but a wide array of animals as well.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and even horses are covered by the new law.

Before the law was passed, it was illegal for animals to be buried in cemeteries meant for humans. However, dedicated pet owners still found ways to be laid to rest with their furry buddies.

It was revealed that pet cemeteries would accept and inter at least five people per year because the owners refused to be separated from their beloved animals in death. Luckily, this will no longer be a problem for the residents of New York.

With this law in place, we won’t have to be separated from our beloved furry friends in the end.

For now, the law is exclusive to the state of New York. However, pet owners are hoping that other states will follow New York’s example and allow humans to be buried with their pets as well.

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