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Pastor Heals People By Farting The ‘Holy Spirit’ On Their Faces




  • Chris Penelope of the Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries has a controversial way of healing and blessing his members.
  • According to reports, the self-professed man of God farts ‘the Holy Spirt’ on people’s faces to heal them from sickness and bless them with prosperity.
  • His photos went viral online and he later said in an interview that his unique method has been copied from Jesus Christ.

A preacher from Giyani, South Africa has recently gained viral attention after his photos made rounds on social media. In the viral pictures, Pastor Chris Penelope of the Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries has been spotted sitting on people’s faces, allegedly farting on them.

The purpose? Apparently, he does it to heal and bless people. According to reports, Penelope “farts the Holy Spirit” on his followers’ heads and nostrils.

So… holy fart?!?

It’s definitely a non-traditional way of performing miracles!

Dozens of believers reportedly line up for the sacred fart, with some hoping to become rich. It is also claimed that some people had to wait for up to two months just to make it to the list and eventually get farted on by the preacher.

Meanwhile, a former member of the said church added that most pay a fee to have Penelope’s fart stored in a container for them to keep.

He said he copied the blessing style from Jesus…

In an interview, Penelope shared that his unique style of healing has been copied from Jesus Christ himself.

“It started with the master Jesus when he stepped on top of Peter,” he defended.

Some of Penelope’s followers even claim his fart does not stink at all and is, in fact, fragrant.

We definitely can’t speak for everyone but we think something smells fishy about this preacher’s method of healing.

No pun intended, you ask? Well, maybe!

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