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Filipino Pastor Claims He Commanded The Earthquake To Stop – And So It Did!

He says people should thank him for stopping the quake.

  • Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder and leader of Philippine-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, claims he has the power to stop earthquakes.
  • According to him, he recently stopped an earthquake in Mindanao and people should thank him for it.

To the members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Apollo C. Quiboloy is more than just its founder and leader. They also believe he is the “Appointed Son of God” and the “New Owner of the World.”

As if those self-claimed titles weren’t outrageous enough, the pastor recently said that he has power to stop an earthquake. And his words have raised a lot of eyebrows!

According to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, people should thank him for stopping an earthquake.

During an episode of the “Give Us This Day,” a weekly TV program produced by the sect based in Davao, Philippines, Quiboloy shared he was in Samal, drinking coffee, when he halted a magnitude 6.6 earthquake.

“I said, ‘Earthquake, stop.’ It stopped,” he said in a mix of Filipino and English. “You should thank me because if I didn’t stop the quake, a lot of buildings would collapse and a lot of you would have died.”

In the video, Quiboloy can be heard adding that he has witnesses who can attest to the miracle and that he only went public about it to address those doubting him. He even went saying on that storms and earthquakes have been hitting Mindanao because there are “many bashers” there.

Watch the short clip here:

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As anyone can expect, the pastor’s remarks drew mixed reactions on social media.

One netizen wrote:

“This is a whole new level of craziness.”

Another commented:

“I don’t know what’s more disturbing – his ridiculous claims or that people actually believe him.”

Meanwhile, you can check out this documentary about Apollo Quiboloy, his sect, and his wealth:

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