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Pastor Downplays Covid-19 Threats, Encourages Followers to Attend Worship Services




  • Pastor Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry has told his followers that fearing coronavirus is “a demonic spirit” and shows lack of faith.
  • The megachurch still gathered for their worship services, despite warnings from authorities about social distancing.
  • They eventually had to suspend further gatherings after receiving a request from the CDC.

Amidst all the reminders we’ve been getting about the role of social distancing in flattening the curve, a pastor from a South Florida-based megachurch has downplayed the dangers and still told his followers to still attend worship services. He also said that fearing the coronavirus is of “demonic spirit.”

Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry has since attracted mixed reactions because of the stunt. He was, however, firm in his belief that God will not allow the virus to fall upon “his people.” He likewise said that those who didn’t attend their services were giving in to their fears and not having faith God’s promises.

In a sermon, Maldonado preached:

“If we die, we die for Christ. If we live, we live for Christ, so what do you lose?”

During the service, Maldonado also said that regular flu was worse than coronavirus. And gathering together for worship purposes, he insisted, is a good thing to do.

“Do you mean you call me irresponsible for bringing the people of God to the House of God where the power and the presence of God is?” the pastor asked.

During a worship service, he also commanded coronavirus “to die.”

Watch the video here:

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Eventually, the megachurch was forced to suspend services until further notice after receiving a request from the CDC.

An announcement in their official website reads:

“Our faith remains in Jesus, and we know that these are times for faith and not fear, so we encourage you to spend time with God daily, read the Word and encourage one another… Join us in praying for an end to this pandemic.”

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