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DIY: Paper Flower Bouquets Are Still All the Rage This 2018





Fresh flowers do liven up a place, but they can be expensive and do not last very long. Today, paper flowers, which only used to be seen in arts and crafts classes, have become a prized item in the homes of avid crafters and in the hands of blooming brides.

But you don’t need to be an expert crafter to create paper flower masterpieces. With a few easily sourced materials, a detailed guide, and a bit of patience, you will be able to fill your space with dainty floral paper creations. Below, we share just one of many ways to create paper flowers, courtesy of DIY-Paper Crafts on YouTube.

For this project, you will need colored paper cut into squares (green for the leaves along with other colors you want for the flowers), a pencil or marker, a pair of scissors, glue, and anything round to use as a shape guide.

Trace a circle one one of your colored papers.

Cut the circle.

Fold the circular paper in half.

Fold half of the paper inward so that it forms a heart shape. This is your petal.

Glue the inside part of the petal so that it holds its shape.

Create six of these petals.

For the leaf, start by folding the paper in half.

Then start cutting it so that the outer edge has little spikes and the whole piece looks like half a leaf.

Then start folding it horizontally in alternating directions so that it forms ridges.

Unfold the paper to reveal a leaf. Make two (or more) and glue them together.

Now, start gluing your flower petals.

Attach them to the leaves.

And you should have your dainty paper flowers.

Check out the video tutorial below:

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There are also variations to this kind of paper flower, like using recycled paper.

You can add more folds to each petal.

You can add stones, gems, and other accents.

You can put them in a vase.

You can also turn them into a bouquet.

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