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Amazon Is Now Selling A DIY Backyard Guesthouse That You Can Build In 8 Hours

2019 is wild. We may not have flying cars yet, but we have guest house kits.


These days, you can pretty much DIY anything you set your mind to. In fact, you can now build an entire house yourself — and it only takes eight hours!

Plus, the luxury of online shopping has never been as convenient as it is in 2019. So if you have a guest coming over, you can just order a guesthouse kit on Amazon.

The Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit comes with everything you need to create a tiny home in your own backyard. Just 172 square feet, the tiny space is compact enough to fit but still large enough to be useful, whether it’s used for storage or for pure fun.

The product description states:

“Allwood Solvalla is a garden house kit made from high quality solid Nordic wood. This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings and can be a guest house, home office, granny flat, or even a retail space. Versatile Solvalla can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings.

Assembly of this solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed.”

A bathroom is not included in the space, but the Allwood Outlet writes that “adding one is not difficult,” as you can purchase indoor bathroom kits to DIY also.

The Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit sells for a cool $6,550.

Just keep in mind, once you read all the fine print, this order includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials. Shingles run about $150, and you’re probably going to spend around $170 on foundation materials, Amazon said.

It is also worth noting that there’s no electricity or air conditioning. So if you want to add fancy frills and thrills, that’s all on you.


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