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Online Buyer Asks For Real Photos Of Dress, So Seller Sends Images Of Himself Wearing Them

This is the kind of customer service we need!


Living in a world where everything is almost just a click away, people have skipped the journey to the mall and just shop online. Unfortunately, most online shoppers have experienced receiving the item that they bought, and it was nothing like in the pictures.

In fact, this experience happened way too many times that it inspired an “Expectation Vs. Reality” meme. So one customer decided to be a little more careful and asked the seller to send her the actual photos of the dress that she wanted to purchase — so he did.

Andreea Patriche was browsing for gowns on AliExpress, which is a Chinese company owned by Alibaba, and found a beautiful backless dress. The gown looked stunning on the ad, but she was skeptical if the actual item would look the same.

Patriche decided to message the seller to ask for actual photos before officially buying one. She probably expected the seller to send pictures of the dresses laid down or placed on a mannequin, but the online store owner had a better idea.

The online seller with the AliExpress username Shop739960 Store believed to be from China, obliged to the request and rocked his own collection. Patriche was shocked that the male seller modeled the sparkly backless Gidion dresses for her.

Patriche said:

“I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these (photos) of him trying them on.”

The dresses actually looked great and appeared to have the jewels and beads on the cloth, but netizens had more fun at the fact that this seller went beyond the usual approach to provide his customer real photos of the dress.

For those who want to purchase these dresses, they are unfortunately sold out at the moment.


Chinese Company Forces Employees To Crawl On Road As Punishment For Failing To Meet Target

If you think your boss is tough — think again.

Companies demand a certain performance from their employees. Most firms have clear goals and targets for their employees which act as an indicator of their efficiency and performance.

With that said, not meeting the company’s year-end target is understandably upsetting. However, one Chinese company took this disappointment to a whole new level.

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Divers Swim With Deep Blue, The World’s Biggest Great White Shark

At almost 20 feet, Deep Blue is believed to be the largest great white shark in the world!

Most people would probably leave the water as soon as they realize that there is a shark in the area. However, a group of divers decided to join the gigantic fish as it dined on a dead whale. Interestingly, they also discovered that they are in the presence of the world's biggest great white shark, confirming that she is still alive.

Deep Blue is known as the world's largest living great white shark measuring at almost 20 feet. The predator was first tagged two decades ago but became famous after she was featured in National Geographic's Shark Week in 2015. Since then, there have only been a few sightings of Deep Blue. Luckily, two divers found the shark near Oahu in Hawaii.

Deep Blue's size is attributed to her age, which is estimated at 50 years old.

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Vegan Bride Bans Family And Friends Who Eat Meat From Her Wedding

You wouldn’t believe what she calls her non-vegan family and friends!

One woman has been branded “ridiculous” after revealing she has banned all of her meat-eating friends and family from joining in her wedding celebrations. The Australian bride took to a vegan Facebook group to share her plans, and netizens couldn't believe what they were reading.

Her goal for posting her idea was to get support from the social media vegan group. However, she got a rude awakening when her fellow meat-free members slammed her for the controversial decision.

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