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Mother Forces Plane To Wait 30 Minutes So Daughter Could Finish Shopping At Duty-Free





An aircraft passenger from China has triggered the anger of netizens after allegedly asking the plane crew to wait for her daughter, delaying the flight for 160 passengers. The mother has caused the delay of the plane’s take off at Suvarnabhumi airport for a ridiculous reason – her daughter was still shopping at the duty-free zone.

She forced cabin crew of a Shanghai-bound flight from closing its door by lying down on the aerobridge that connects the plane to the airport terminal. The situation would be somewhat acceptable if the daughter had an emergency of some sort, but she was late due to a shopping spree, which is just unacceptable.

The incident took place on a flight from Bangkok to Shanghai operated by Chinese budget carrier Spring Airlines. Videos of the incident went viral on social media. Da meng ya, the video’s uploader, claimed to be one of the plane passengers.

The clip showed an aviation officer trying to explain to the woman why her actions were wrong as she lay on the aerobridge. Not only did the mother ignore the airline staff’s reasoning, but she also ended up throwing a fit, further complicating the situation.

A Spring Airlines spokesperson confirmed the incident and shared that the woman’s daughter demanded the plane to wait for her since she already checked in two pieces of luggage and a handbag, presumably brought onto the plane by her mother.

Passengers got frustrated from waiting and demanded a solution from the cabin crew. The plane eventually flew after the mother and daughter finally agreed to take another flight.

Naturally, the passengers were delighted as the mother left as the 4-hour flight has already been delayed for half an hour.

According to reports, locals bashed the pair and requested aviation organizations to blacklist them from flying again.

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